The PM130 PLUS is a compact, multi-function, three-phase AC Power Meter specially designed to meet the requirements of users ranging from electrical panel builders to substation operators. The PM130 PLUS measurement inputs and power supply comply with Measuring Category III.

The PM130 PLUS units include:

  • A bright 3-row LED display enabling easy reading of local meters.
  • A standard RS-485 communication port and a second optional RS-232/RS-422/RS-485, Ethernet, Profibus, Cellular or RF port (in certain regions only). These ports allow local and remote automatic meter readings and setup through the supplemental communication or user data acquisition software.
  • Different communication options for remote communications with the meter. These options enable LAN and Internet communication with the unit. è Selection of I/O cards ranging from 4DI/2DO, 4AO and up to 12DI/4RO with communication. è All models are suitable for mounting on both 4-inch round and 92×92mm square cutouts