All SATEC devices comply with globally recognized standards, and have numerous certifications.

PAS – Free Power Analysis and Configuration Software – provides direct access to all data for monitoring and analysis (including oscillographs). PAS is included with all SATEC instruments.

Global distribution.

SATEC exports to more than 40 countries around the world in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. Our worldwide distribution network provides local service and prompt professional support.

Customer Satisfaction

At SATEC we consider our clients as our most valuable asset. We view excellence in products and services as a key to gaining customer loyalty and satisfaction. Our customer base consists of industrial facilities, commercial companies, government and utilities, and leading energy service companies.

SATEC equipment is a benchmark in Industrial, Railway, Data Centers, Electric Companies, Renewables (both Photovoltaic and Aero generation), Inverter Manufacturers and a long etc.

SATEC: Experts in Energy Management.

Technological excellence, innovation, quality and commitment to customer service place SATEC at the forefront of the energy industry.

SATEC is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of energy management solutions. With more than three decades of experience in energy management, our team has the technological expertise to offer optimal solutions for all types of customers around the world.

Range of products for any application.

SATEC's product range serves both small and large energy consumers in various fields, both in alternating current and in direct current. The range ranges from basic power measurement equipment (class 0.5S), through multichannel measurement equipment (18 three-phase channels / 54 single-phase channels), up to high-performance equipment (class 0.2S IEC 61000-4-30 class A – Ed.3) and power to overcome CPC systems (real time), with advanced power quality analysis capabilities (EN 50160) and any type of event or automation capabilities for stations and substations through the IEC 61850 protocol among others.

Another important aspect is the ease of configuration and integration of SATEC equipment in any existing platform thanks to the PAS tool among other features.

Energy management software

SATEC as one of the world leaders and research, development and manufacturing of energy management solutions. With more than three decades of experience in energy management, it renews its ExpertPower Energy Management System, thus offering, together with its measurement equipment, a total solution for today's Energy Management, helping companies to achieve their objectives. management systems and continuous improvement together with ISO 50001.

SATEC's ExpertPower Energy Management System collects, archives and analyzes energy and supply quality data. ExpertPower enables multiple users to view data, create automated billing, produce sophisticated reports, and implement and track energy savings plans.

The EXpertPower Energy Management System is available in a Service version (SaaS) or in a Server version (PRO), and thanks to its open system, the integration of third-party equipment and / or integration into other platforms, it is incredibly simple.

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