Precizika Metrology , AB has a long tradition of almost fifty years in the design, production and implementation in the industry of precision equipment for metrology. It is a world renowned supplier of linear and angular displacement measurement systems, linear and angular measurement scales. The company has a lot of experience and offers its support to companies in the measurement of geometric parameters.

Since 2000 the company has implemented the quality management system and complies with the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The objective of the company is to satisfy the needs of users, constantly supply high-quality products and provide services within the agreed deadlines for an economically optimal price. Much attention is paid and a lot is invested in the development of technological products and processes, scientific research to improve the technical parameters of the products, their reliability as well as increase the production efficiency.

The company has implemented all the technological processes necessary for the production of such products, it has all the necessary equipment including quality control equipment, it has highly qualified specialists prepared. This allows you not only to guarantee the high quality of your products and to present their calibration certificates, but also to be flexible in meeting customer needs, to modify product parameters even for small orders, to design products that meet special requirements.

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