Advanced Solar Pumping System developed by Enertronic SA together with the leading specialists in photovoltaic panels, pumps and solar pumping systems. A unique, specific, simple and complete solution.

  • High thermal dissipation, withstands ambient temperature of 50ºC at 100% load and 60ºC up to 75% load.
  • Self-learning, memorizes and adapts all the parameters to the current conditions of the installation.
  • No false starts.
  • Maximum power point tracking.
  • AC / DC hybridization.
  • Pressure regulation for PID irrigation.
  • Programmable stop by time or by flow.
  • Double ramp start. Specially designed for engines with water bath lubrication.
  • Protection of operation under vacuum.
  • Inflow detection.
  • Level control, tank / buoy.
  • Historical archive.
  • Panel failure detection.

Maximum power usage

point It matches the operating point of the pump with the maximum power point of the panels, very useful on cloudy days.

When conventional equipment stops, SMART SUN keeps pumping.

Rugged construction with state-of-the-art components
Specific controller and interface, latest MS300 series DELTA drive.


  • With more pumping hours than any equipment on the market.
  • With more tension on panels without damaging the motor.
  • Running in just 20 minutes.


External fixing, no need to open the box.
Autoconfiguration, just enter the pump data.
Specific display for solar pumping, searches and activates auxiliary functions with simple menus.
Alarms and conditions represented by 3 simple and visible status LEDs.


With the optional module SC1 you can manage more voltage in panels, which will mean more pumping hours .
It connects and disconnects a part of the panels, managing excess voltage, allowing
a greater number of panels to be used in series, providing more hours of operation.


Connect to the equipment through our APP to obtain all the operating information. Remote access to the equipment without having to climb stairs, control of several equipment in the same area without the need for physical connection to them.


It allows to work with panels and an AC source (generator, network …).
Capable of automatically starting and stopping the group, managing the available energy and only using the strictly necessary from the AC source.


Both the fixing of the equipment and its connection and commissioning are simple, the equipment comes pre-programmed and it is only necessary to enter the nominal current value of the pump, the equipment takes care of the rest, has a self-learning mode and with simple specific menus to be able to carry out more advanced configurations.


With the optional module SC1 you can manage more voltage in panels, which will mean more pumping hours.
Connects and disconnects a part of the panels managing excess voltage allowing
a greater number of panels to be used in series providing more hours of operation.


Advanced configurations through simple dedicated menus and created to facilitate the most complete configurations, superior advanced options that allow optimizing applications of all kinds to the maximum, maximum versatility and simplicity without giving up any functionality.

Wide range of available powers:

1X230VAC 0,2-2,2 KW

3X230VAC 0,2-15

KW 3X460VAC 0,4-22 KW

Complete range of equipment for high performance solar pumping control, options such as Wi-Fi connectivity, level control, hybrid systems, etc

Complete frame hybrid solar pump

SMARTSUN-230-1A6-SBombeo aislado0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-SBombeo aislado0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-SBombeo aislado0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-SBombeo aislado1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-SBombeo aislado2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-SBombeo aislado0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-SBombeo aislado0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-SBombeo aislado1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-SBombeo aislado2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-SBombeo aislado3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-SBombeo aislado5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-SBombeo aislado7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-SBombeo aislado11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-SBombeo aislado15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-SBombeo aislado19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-SBombeo aislado22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-1A6-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-SNBombeo aislado + Nivel22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-1A6-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-SWBombeo aislado + Wifi22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-1A6-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-SNWBombeo aislado + Nivel + Wifi22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac

Hybrid Solar Pump Complete Frame

SMARTSUN-230-1A6-HBombeo híbrido0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-HBombeo híbrido0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-HBombeo híbrido0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-HBombeo híbrido1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-HBombeo híbrido2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-HBombeo híbrido0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-HBombeo híbrido0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-HBombeo híbrido1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-HBombeo híbrido2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-HBombeo híbrido3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-HBombeo híbrido5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-HBombeo híbrido7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-HBombeo híbrido11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-HBombeo híbrido15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-HBombeo híbrido19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-HBombeo híbrido22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-1A6-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-HNBombeo híbrido + Nivel22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-1A6-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-HWBombeo híbrido + Wifi22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-1A6-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi0,2Kw1,6 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-2A8-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi0,4Kw2,8A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-4A8-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi0,8Kw4,8 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-7A5-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi1,5Kw7,5 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-230-11A-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi2,2Kw11,0 A1x230 Vac3x230 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-1A5-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi0,4Kw1,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-2A7-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi0,8Kw2,7 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-4A2-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi1,5Kw4,2 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-5A5-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi2,2Kw5,5 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-9A0-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi3,7Kw9,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-13A-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi5,5Kw13,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-17A-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi7,5Kw17,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-25A-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi11Kw25,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-32A-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi15Kw32,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-38A-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi19Kw38,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac
SMARTSUN-400-45A-HNWBombeo híbrido + Nivel + Wifi22Kw45,0 A3x400 Vac3x400 Vac

Strings expansion modules

SMARTSUN-SC1-230VMódulo de ampliación de strings para cuadros a 230 Vac (380Vcc)
SMARTSUN-SC1-400VMódulo de ampliación de strings para cuadros a 400 Vac (780Vcc)

Array Junction Boxes

SMARTSUN-SC1-230VMódulo de ampliación de strings para cuadros a 230 Vac (380Vcc)
SMARTSUN-SC1-400VMódulo de ampliación de strings para cuadros a 400 Vac (780Vcc)

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