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Citel is one of the main manufacturers ofĀ Ā transient overvoltage protectionsĀ , with more than 75 years of experience Citel is specialized in offering all kinds of solutions in protection against overvoltages caused by lightning strikes (lightning) and all kinds of overvoltages usually present in the distribution networks and electricity generation.

  • Low voltage protections (Type 1 + 2, Type 1 + 2 + 3ā€¦).
  • Photovoltaic protections.
  • Protection boxes.
  • Protections for LED systems.
  • Protections for telephony and data.
  • Protections for computer networks.
  • RF coaxial protections.
  • Gas unloaders

CITEL is an industrial group that designs, manufactures and markets solutions for the protection against overvoltages of electrical equipment, computers, fixed and mobile telephony, radio communication, video, as well as photovoltaic installations and Led lighting systems.

CITEL is present throughout the world through various offices and authorized distributors, Enertronic SA is the authorized CITEL distributor for Spain.

CITEL has several testing laboratories.Ā Citel's test laboratory in Reims is equipped with the G100K generator: this exceptional equipment can develop impulse currents of 100kA, which makes it possible to test all transient overvoltage protections, such as lightning rod structures, guaranteeing maximum reliability and safety of your certified products.

The complete range of CITEL products mainly offers overvoltage protection solutions in:

CITEL is the creator and has patented VG technology capable of offering type 1 + 2 + 3 protections with the advantages of the gas discharge tube and the varistor combined in an ā€œall in oneā€.

There are several technologies on the market for surge protection for power networks.

– Varistors

– Spark gap + Trigger (Triggering spark gap)

– Varistors + GSG arrester => CITEL VG technology

VG technology is exclusive and patented. CITEL is based on the use of specific gas dischargers: GSG.Ā These components, the result of Citel's long experience in the gas discharge sector, have a behavior adapted to energy networks and guarantee robustness and stability in their operation: their association with components such as varistors allows combining the advantages of both technologies.Ā CITEL began the development of ā€œVGā€ technology for Type 1 AC protections, and later extended it to Type 2 AC protections, as well as for DC photovoltaic networks.

The advantages of VG technology:

  1. GSG Discharger

The VG protections are equipped with specific gas discharge tubes: GSG.Ā These essential components, the fruits of Citel's long experience, have a behavior adapted to energy networks and guarantee perfect electrical stability.

ā†’ Increased reliability

  1. Excellent level of protection and high drainage capacity

GSGs can drain very high current amplitudes (Iimp, Imax) with a reduced residual voltage (Up).Ā Such characteristics can only be obtained by the association of Type 1 protection and Type 2 protections.

ā†’ Equivalence Ā«1 + 2 + 3Ā» or Ā«2 + 3Ā»

ā†’ Maximum efficiency

ā†’ Compact

  1. Reinforced support for TOVs (Temporary Overvoltages)

The ā€œVGā€ protections can accept very high TOV (temporary overvoltage) levels (> 450VAC for a 230VAC network), without degradation of the protection quality.


ā†’ Increased reliability even for poor quality AC networks.

  1. Absence of Follow-Current (series current)

Contrary to the ā€œVĆ­as de Chispasā€ technologies (with or without a trigger circuit), the ā€œVGā€ technology does not generate series current.

ā†’ Improvement of the quality of the network (without micro-cuts)

ā†’ Easy selection

  1. Robustness and Reliability

Each component used in ā€œVGā€ protections is sized to drain high impulse currents, without the aid of auxiliary devices.Ā On the contrary, ā€œspark gap with triggerā€ technologies integrate a control circuit, using very low-power components, which carry a part of the lightning current.Ā In some disturbances (low amplitude, slow rising front), this fragile circuit will withstand the entire current and has the risk of being destroyed

ā†’ Lifetime increased

  1. Safety disconnection and status signaling

The ā€œVGā€ protections are equipped with a safety switch and the status signaling of the protection components.Ā In ā€œtrigger spark gapā€ technologies, disconnection and signaling only control the status of the control circuit and not the status of the main protection element.

ā†’ Safe and efficient maintenance

  1. Absence of aging

In ā€œVGā€ technology protections, due to the presence of the GSG arrester in series, the varistors are not subjected to any voltage and, consequently, do not undergo any aging.Ā However, protections based only on varistors are permanently subjected to operating currents (Ic) or leakage currents (If), which can generate, over time and under certain conditions, premature aging of the components, and then, an anticipated end of life.

ā†’ Maximum lifespan

  1. Coordination of protections facilitated

In the case of coordinated mounting, the downstream protection of a ā€œVGā€ protection does not require special installation precautions (for example, a series conductor length is sufficient to guarantee operational coordination. Note: due to its optimized protection level, A “VG" protection can be used without additional protection.

ā†’ Easy of use

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