“True progress is what makes technology available to everyone."

Henry Ford (1863-1947) American industrialist


Technological solutions in measurement, management, automation, protection and control. We offer technological solutions for industry, telecommunications, data centers, renewable energy sources, tertiary sector and renewables, among others. With the added value of presales advice, support and technical assistance. We offer solutions applying the latest technology at the precise cost.


We have an extensive range of products and technological solutions for various sectors represented by the most important and reputable brands. Our range of products and technology solutions is constantly expanding to adapt to market and technology needs.


Offer professional technological solutions in various sectors and applications with the added value of continuous support throughout the entire process, from prescription, to integration and commissioning support. We are committed with the latest technology renewing our portfolio and innovating with new technologies.


We have technical staff in various fields capable of advising you on the best technological choice according to the application needs: energy measurement and management in all sectors (specially renewables), industrial automation, systems integration, automation programming, industrial engineering, energy measurement and management and environmental parameters, in photovoltaics, telecommunications and data centers among others, aeronautical beaconing of structures, pressure sensors, motor control, industrial electrical switchgear, enclosures, buttons and switches, switch disconnectors, dataloggers, and composite custom solutions by our various technologies.


Enertronic SA selects leading manufacturers in different sectors and specialized in certain areas. We have an extensive range of products made up of the portfolios of all the manufacturers that we distribute, offering precise and specialized solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, both technical and budgetary. Advanced technology at the right cost.

ISO 50001

Enertronic SA is a provider of solutions and technologies to implement energy management systems according to the ISO 50001 standard. From IEC61000-4-30 class A power quality analyzer equipment according to the EN50160 standard, to analyzers with MID certification.

We have a wide range of solutions, many of them specific according to applications: from systems for industry, tertiary sector, photovoltaics to solutions for Data Centers.

Multi-meter analyzer equipment for AC and DC systems and solutions to considerably manage electrical consumption.


Complete commercial department. It covers from prescription tasks to the commercial tasks, training, budget, after-sales, personalized technical attention by professionals with technical experience.


Together with the exclusive support program ESP (Enertronic Proximity Support), we offer our own support professionals to help you integrate and operate the products and technological solutions that we offer, their integrability between them and with third-party software and hardware. parts. When you purchase Enertronic products and solutions, also gain assurance that they will be suitable and will work in your systems and applications.


Enertronic SA has a complete portfolio of products and technological solutions suitable for every need. Enertronic SA selects specialized manufacturers in each of the fields in which it is present. Manufacturers with prestige and specialization that offer unique and exclusive solutions at the precise cost.


We have technologies and products for various sectors: Industry, Telecommunications, Renewable Energies, Traffic and Rail, Naval, Chemical and Petrochemical, Commercial and tertiary sector, CPD Data processing centers, Power generation and distribution …

We have technologies for various applications: Industrial Processes, Aeronautical Structures Beaconing, Energy Efficiency, Photovoltaic, Industrial Control, Surge Protection, Wind Generation, Cogeneration, Energy Management, Motor Control, Variable speed drives…

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