IDE Box for ICP and IP40 Distribution White opaque window ICP-28

Replaces IBP-28 ICP-28
TYPE: B+28 ICP (5 mod. ) 2×7 + 1×14 modules
EMPOTRAR HOUSE: 300x480x72mm


Protection rating: IP40
Impact resistance: IK08
Degree of self-extinguishing: HB (UL94)
Ambient temperature range: –25oC/+40oC
Resistance to incandescent thread: 650oC

Ball pressure: 70oC

Certificates and Standards
According to low voltage directive 2006/95/EC
Standards: UNE-EN 20 451, UNE-201 003 and UNE-EN60 439-3-1
(in the part affected)

Hollow recessed:300x480x72 mm (AltoxAnchoxDeep)
Type: B+28
Halogen-free plastics.
White with opaque window RAL 9003.
ICP (5 mod. )
2×7 + 1×14 modules.