The ARGENTA Series comprises a set of metal enclosures designed to house the electrical or electronic equipment and equipment needed for the supply, distribution and conversion of electrical energy.
It is mainly intended for industrial electrical installations, as an enclosure for measuring, transmission, signalling and control equipment or as an enclosure for all the equipment needed for the coordination of the different electrical currents. The ARGENTA Series comprises a wide range of standard models, all of which are manufactured in an opaque door version.
The design and manufacture of this product line is flexible enough to adapt to special designs that require specific dimensions according to user and plant requirements. Enclosures made of high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet materials and coated with RAL 7035 hardened epoxy-polyaster paint.
This series is accompanied by a set of accessories that complement the range of application of the product: mounting plates, interior doors, roofs, lifting canopies, ventilation systems, modular chassis, etc.

Degree of protection IP66*
Impact resistance IK10
Ambient temperature range25oC/+40oC
Maximum working voltage (Ue) 1000 V

Complies with Directive 2006/95/EC; and UL508 A and UNE-EN 62 208.

The technical characteristics described above are fulfilled by the use of the components of the assembly and the accessories supplied by IDE, assembled and assembled in accordance with the corresponding technical guides and instructions.
* Excluding double door cabinets (IP55)
Measurements 800*600*200 mm.