The new Ultron HPH 160-200kVA Series is a true dual-conversion inline UPS, offering the best-in-class combination of power, performance and efficiency for data centers, IT, and other mission-critical applications. Thanks to Delta’s R & D expertise and excellent engineering capabilities, the Ultron HPH delivers up to 96. 5% CA-CA efficiency, under iTHD <3% y alta potencia de entrada con factor> 0. 99, provides significant savings on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Highlights of the UPS Ultron HPH Series: Highly stable, design includes redundancy of s components and proactive detection of battery status. The Ultron HPH 160-200kVA is the best choice for energy protection for mid-sized businesses.


Best-in-class performance and energy efficiency

  • High AC-AC efficiency up to 96. 5% and ECO mode up to 99%.
  • Low Harmonic Pollution (iTHD <3%) y alto factor de potencia de entrada (> 0. 99) which reduces investment costs.


Assured availability

          Redundant controller compatible with dual CAN bus and ring connection for high system availability.
          Proactive detection of battery aging for high reliability.
          Easy check of event logging via touch panel and firmware update via USB port.


Greater flexibility

          Parallel expansion and redundancy of up to 8 units, 1. 6MVA total power capacity.
          Flexible battery configuration from 30 to 46 pieces which optimizes battery inversion.
          It supports cable entry at the top or bottom in the individual cabin, which avoids cable bending problems to improve cable reliability.



¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 10‚ÄĚ color LCD, easy to use with touch panel that allows easy management of the UPS.
          Environmental information, such as security, water, fire and temperature, can be integrated into the UPS for easy monitoring via the                UPSLCD display.
          If the UPS is equipped with the Delta Battery Management System, the battery information can be integrated into the UPS and         monitored via LCD.