Modulon DPH supports maximum availability for data center operations and provides the benefit of “pay-for-use” without oversizing the UPS. The Modulon DPH does not compromise power versus efficiency performance. In terms of availability, efficiency and expansion according to business needs, the Modulon DPH is the ideal UPS system to provide energy protection and total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.


Maximum Availability

  • Advanced design of fault tolerance, achieved by redundancy which grants continuity of operation.
  • Automatic synchronization of power and control modules for continuous online connection. Operation even in the event of a failure of the control module to avoid downtime caused by a single point failure.
  • Modules and key components, hot-swappable to ensure the average time to repair (MTTR) close to zero without risk of inactivity.


High Scalability

  • Vertical expansion from 25kW to 75/150/200kW that supports N+X redundancy in an individual rack box to save space.
  • Parallel expansion of up to four units without the need for additional hardware.
  • The Rack Mounted PDC (optional and applicable for 75/150kW models) has the flexibility to arrange the output power supply to your UPS according to your connected critical loads.
  • Built-in battery modules (optional foldable for 75kW models) up to four units (four battery trays each).


Excellent Performance of Power and Efficiency

  • Total rated power (kVA = kW) to maximize power availability.
  • High operating efficiency of 95% to 30% light load and 96% to 50% load.
  • Low harmonic rate (iTHD <3%) to reduce investment costs and meet demanding energy requirements.


Easy Maintenance

  • Built-in manual bypass functions to eliminate maintenance-related downtime.
  • Proactive Fan Failure Detection and Switch Failure for Early Diagnosis of UPS Malfunction.
  • Plug and play modularity to simplify the maintenance process.