Smart Robot for Upgraded Industries
Current trends affecting manufacturing industries include labor shortage, harsh environment, short
commodity cycles, small-volume and large variety orders, and frequent changeovers. In response,
production lines need more smart, agile and flexible workstations. For example, electronics
manufacturing processes have to be executed fast and precisely to shorten time and enhance
efficiency. Delta’s Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) is your best choice to
reduce labor cost and strengthen manufacturing flexibility.
Delta SCARA features sensor-less compliance control functions and offers excellent speed, linearity,
verticality and repeatability to rapidly and precisely perform operation tasks such as insertion,
assembly, screw locking, loading and unloading, pick-and-place, stacking and packaging. The
automatic process path planning function fulfills industry needs for conveyor tracking processes
such as glue dispensing, deburring, coating and soldering. With the aid of Delta’s machine vision
systems, it can perform smart identification, inspection and sorting to effectively reduce defect rates
for consistent quality delivery.
When matched with control units and other peripheral devices such as servo systems, machine
vision systems and linear modules, Delta SCARA becomes a highly integrated workstation for
industries such as consumer electronics, electrical/electronics, rubber and plastics, packaging, metal
fabrication and others. It satisfies both standalone and workstation applications, enabling flexible
modularized production lines with consistently good quality to achieve smart and efficient production.
A new industrial revolution is moving towards smart manufacturing and factories. To meet customers’
needs, Delta continues to provide innovative and efficient robot solutions as part of our “Automation
for a Changing World”.