The Amplon RT 1-3kVA Series is a dual-conversion online UPS that provides constant sine wave power to your critical equipment.

It supports personal computers, networks, servers, VoIP and telecommunications. The Amplon RT 1-3kVA series features a power factor output of 0. 9 and best-in-class efficiency of up to 94%, resulting in greater energy savings. Optional external battery that can be plugged in to extend more backup time and keep your applications safe as well as a smooth running at all times.



  • Double-conversion online topology and a zero-step to high-reliability battery.
  • Monitoring module (Watch-dog) increases the reliability of the system.
  • The cold-start capacity, power is provided by the temporary battery when there is no electricity.
  • Detection of fan faults, this alerts users about wrong fans.
  • The hot-swappable batteries ensure continuous operation. even when the batteries are replaced.
  • Optional external battery pack to easily scale and get longer backup time.
  • Operating temperature tolerance up to 50 ° C, which ensures continuity of critical loads.


Efficient and low TCO

  • The high output power factor 0. 9 provides more real power at critical loads.
  • The high input power factor (pf> 0. 99) and the low harmonic distortion (iTHD <5%) save investment.
  • Up to 94% AC-AC efficiency and 97% efficiency in ECO mode result in significant energy cost savings.
  • The wide input voltage range reduces the usability of the battery and extends the battery life.
  • Intelligent battery management maintains battery life and performance.
  • Fan speed control by load level maximizes efficiency and reduces audible noise.



  • Charge segment control allows less critical charges to be disconnected during power downs and saves battery running time for large charges.
  • Tower and frame configuration convertible in size 2U.
  • Excellent communications via rotating LCD screen.
  • Intelligent management software connectivity via RS232 or USB port.