Range DS250VG Protection BT type 1+2+3 VG Technology.

Multipolar protection type 1+2+3
Total Iimp: 100 kA (wave 10/350μs)
Residual voltage Up very low
Internal disconnection, Indicator of failure
Remote signalling
Optimized withstanding to Permanent Overvoltage (TOV)
Approved by VDE
In accordance with NF EN 61 643-11, IEC 61 643-11, UL1449 ed.

The DS250VG is a high-capacity Type 1+2+3 unipolar surge protection designed to be installed at the entrance of the Low Voltage system.
The DS250VG allows single-phase or three-phase networks to be protected in common mode or common and differential mode.
This technology (gas discharger + high-energy varistor) allows to achieve the best performance in the AC network (no follow-up current with a very low residual voltage).

DS250VG protectors are pacted to protect single-phase, three-phase or three-phase+Neutra networks. They can also be associated with a specific N/PE protection.