• Smart lightning monitoring system for wind turbines.
  • 1 monitor + 3 sensors for the blades
  • Monitoring, record the data for surge current, time of lightning strike, etc.
  • Transmit the data by means of RS485.
  • IEC 61400-24 and IEC 62561-6 compliant



The LMS-W is a smart lightning monitoring system developed by CITEL for wind turbines. LMS-W is mainly used for surge current measurement when lightning strike on each of three blades, the lightning surges can be detected by corresponding sensors and then data can be transmitted to monitoring device of the upper computer through RS485. By means of smart and precise monitoring of LMS-W, necessary and timely maintenance for blades can be ensured when unexpected lightning current happens, and the possibility of downtimes of the operation system caused by fatal error can be reduced.